Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Copper Canyon to Guanajuato and my 1st little motorcycle accident

Creel is a cool little town and has a train station. There're also many native people with very colourful clothing.

In front of the hostel: 
On the way to copper canyon saw a sign about some hotsprings. 
Went tru the bad road, paid the entry fee after a few kms. 
Then that super bumpy road made of rocks. So much vibration it destroyed my auxilary fuel tank.  
It's an extra gallon I've hooked to to the main tank simply by rerouting my venting hoses. As I drive the gas gets sucked into the main tank and gives me extra range. 
At the bottom there is another gate where you need to pay again to go tru. 
Nobody else was there, took a picture of the man made hot springs, I've seen enough of that in Canada, didn't need to see more... 
At Copper Canyon:
Met Blanca from Monterey, she kindly offer to take pictures of me. 
More natives colorfuly dressed selling what they were making, I've had to encourage this liitle girl. 
OK, the Canyon!!! 

Since I had time, tried to find some Cascade (waterfall). 

I've ask a guy, told me can't go with my bike, need to use the other entrance from the highway. Signs everywhere leading to really bad roads, then nowhere.

Signs to nowhere:

Another signs to nowhere. Seem like they want you to take the tour bus. It's getting late I gave up.

On the way back, found some kind of garage sale, and I've bought the exact same gas jerry can I had!! Wow I'm lucky.

Met my new friend Roberto, from Spain. He lived in Argentina and Brezil for 2 years I think, and was  visiting Mexico before heading back to Spain. We went at the bar the see an important boxing match between a Mexicain guy from Tijuana and a Philipino.
Left Creel on the 14th after 2 nights there. My next place to visit would be Guanajuato, had to go tru some more cool mountains.

Then prairies. No place to camp there; private ranchs and fences on each side of the  highway, and apparently it's dangerous at night. I've looked for hotels in Parral, some big town on my way, too expensive, I've decided to go further to a smaller and cheaper town.

Stopped in Las Nieves and found a very nice and well price hotel for the night. Went into city centro for food. As I get off my bike and take my helmet off, 3 man with small handheld machine guns came to me. They were dressed with jeans and black leather jackets, one had a very thick bulletproof vest. One spoke English, and said: "All the way from Canada by yourself! Wow! be careful it's dangerous!"

I almost shit my pants.

I'm no faster than a machine gun, so I just ordered my hotdogs and did little talk with the guy. I did not know who he was, but he seemed genuinely interested in the bike and my travel.  He worked in construction in USA and was going back and forth to Mexico (read illegal alien), and decided to stay in Mexico as it became harder to do so. Ends up he's name was Frank and he was a cop. The city had no money for uniforms and everyone in town knows they are police. Oufff!! He scared me. He was nice guy to chat with, told me to be careful at night, lots of good people but the bad apples go out at night. Then he had to go as some drunk guy was very loud.

Left on the 15th. Not much happen, lot of fiels like that:

I didnt want to go to the next town; Zacatecas, it's a big town, had lots of driving made, I've stopped at Fresnillo and found my 1st "Love Motel". Most of them are just at the entrance of a town on the periferal road and usually have garage with big steel door. Designed so you can cheat on your partner and they can't see your car from the outside. You pay for 12hrs, so you need to check in late otherwise you have to pay for another 12hrs. Found this one for 150 pesos. No steel door garage, but I'm not cheating on anybody and it was cheap enought for me.

Took one picture in Zacatecas: 

Then the toll for going into Guanajuato was 90 pesos. Decided to go tru Leon, no toll, only 30 minutes detour. As I listen to my music and singing in my helmet not paying too much attention, the truck in front of me slammed on the brakes. Due to my own stupidity i did not stopped in time, hit the truck and felt down in the middle of the road. My 1st accident in about 19000km I've done so far, this year only.  
Some plastics broken, and the headlight casing, which probably cost more than a new bike. Some glue, zipties, wires and holes might fix it to finish my trip.

I've felt on my left side, my left arm reached the ground 1st, it was painful but I can keep riding.

Arrived in Guanojuato, the coolest town ever. Like a fortress in a mountain with tunnels everywhere.

I arrived at the hostel, Danillo was extremely helpful. My left arm was killing me, just the weight of my hand was too much to hold. I had to lay my hand flat otherwise it's quite painful. Danillo brought all my stuff in my room for me, made my bed, gave me beers and helped me get a cab to the hospital. I needed X-rays and find out if it's broken.
Taxis here are cheap compared to Canada/USA. 40 pesos for a ride accros town to the big hospital. At the hospital the people were quite helpful. I did not wait very long. The doctor was very nice and interested in my trip. We even exchanged infos. I was happy it didn't cost much for X-rays and a drug injection in my buttcheek. Ended up nothing was broken, just muscles and ligaments stretched. I'll be back on the road in about a week. This morning I could not even put my socks on, but I am in a great town. I'll have a chance to relax, visit, learn some Spanish and hopefuly fix the plastic off my bike.

At the hostel this morning with Danillo, a staff member and also a great guy.

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