Sunday, January 23, 2011

Medellin - Guatape, Colombia part 2

The road between Cartagena was blocked (washed away or under contruction). The detour was quite out of my way. A police officer told me I could use the little bridge if my bike can go. It did. It was fun going over that narrow bridge because there was no traffic on the other side.

I decided to stay in Valdivia for the night (January 8th) as I've found a nice and clean hotel for about $8.

Left the next day. The Colombian scenery is just stunning. 

My friends from the boat were staying at Casa Kiwi so I went there. It's a very cool hostel. Many places to just hang out, hammocks, patio and pool on the roof, nice privates suites...

I also met with Jenn, from BC Canada and Vincent, a very entrepreneur French guy living here in Colombia.  I've also seen Markus, the German motocyclist I've met in Panama. And Rafael, a cool guy from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Going to an hostel where you meet many cool people and make new friends makes a huge difference on how much you'll enjoy your time in a city.
The hostel is next to a "pub square" with many bars and restaurents with patios.
We went out of course, what else to do? 

Damian and Marika 
Me and Jenn. 
After a few drinks we stopped at the street training gym. 

I took Jenn out the next day, Jan 11th, after a day of sleeping it was nice to go out of town for a short ride. We went to Guatape. You'll soon see why! 
In Guatape you've got a big rock, many stairs and a nice view on top.

The government flooded the area for a hydro-electric dam and it created this.
The picture speak for itself.

Panorama view from the top of the rock.

In the town of Guatape it's nice how people painted their houses. 
There is also a marina, bars and restaurents. 

and back to Medellin going by nice little farms.

I spent some time in Medellin just chilling out in the hostel, napping, blogging and not doing much. It was relaxing but it was time to go at some point. January 12th Jenn and I were suppose to go together to Salento to see a coffee plantation house. After strapping everything to the bike we decided to leave the next day. I went at the dealer to install new rear tire and at night we go out for a good meal to a crepes place. Met Scott from US. 

Jan 13th we leave, for real this time. My bike was quite loaded with everything I carry, plus a passenger plus her luggage.  

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  1. Allô Simon,
    Tu m'impressionnes avec les bagages etc. Ça ne doit pas être évident de conduire avec une personne de plus. En tout cas, tu as l'air très heureux. Fais attention quand même ... en conduisant.
    À la prochaine