Monday, February 21, 2011

Puno, Copacabana - Bolivia

Feb 13th 2011
Still in Peru, I left Cuzco and headed to Puno, near Lake Titicaca and the Bolivian border.

I arrived just before dark and drove the bike down the pedestrian path, then right inside the hostel. 

I met a group of young travellers, some from USA, some from Colombia, doing rastas to this girl. 
We ended up in a bar, in a bed, and they were still making the rastas, it takes a long time. 
Next day in Puno: 

Then I left towards the Bolivian borber, the lake still in sight. 
and stop when I saw this traveler on a push bike. He's Antonio, from Italy, and he came all the way from Alaska. Took him 3 years. We decide to meet in Copacabana, just 20km ahead. 
The border: 
It was quite easy and fast, after crossing central america every border seems fast and easy. 
Copacabana was something like just 10km past the border.

There is a little marina and they offer tour to the Isla del Sun and Isla del Moon, quite cheap too. I decided not to go, I don't have enough time and it's not that impressive. 

Met Antonio for a meal and a few Chileans joined us. They were quite impressed by our travel, mostly Pablo (front left).
Left Copacabana the next day, Feb 16th, going to La Paz. 
I had breakfast with Antonio and the Chileans. Pablo recommended me an hostal in La Paz so I knew where to go.
Nice road with nice views of the Lake Titicaca. 

I had to take a ferry: 
The pieces of wood shifting around as you drive into the ferry, then  to reverse the bike was an experience, but hey the thing seems to float so it should be ok. 

then La Paz;

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