Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Santiago to Bariloche (Pucon, Liquine border, 7 lakes road, San Martin de Los Andes)

Finally after a long time without posting here´s some new pictures, I am sorry for being lazy.

March 18th, I leave Santiago, it was about time I had to wait 2 weeks to get a new rear shock. I´ve destroyed to original one in only 34-36 000 kms.  I said goodbye and thank you to my friend Esteban who hosted me at his appartment for about one week, tru Couchsurfing. It was nice drinking beer and talking with him, a positive experience.

I go all the way to Pucon, 750km more south, took only one picture of a volcan.  
In Pucon I arrived just before dark, I´ve checked in a hostel as I was getting the bike in, I see another biker on a ktm super enduro, John from Colorado, so he went to the same hostel. 

We had a very nice meal together with wine, looking at some maps. Originally I planned on going to the Chiloe Island in South Chile, then Bariloche, but decided to skip that since I felt I had to rush and go faster to Uhuaia. John show me on his map little dirt roads where we could cross to Argentina, one involved taking a ferry, sounds cool why not?  
We left in the morning early without seeing much of Pucon. This town is near a lake and there are mountains around. On the way we see a group a bikers on dirtbikes, we decided to go for breakfast together and ask them about the trails and roads around. One guy made a phone call for us, we missed the boat and it would be faster to take the other dirt road, so we did.

John was having issues with his stearing bearing being very loose. The KTM shop where he got the work done didn´t do it properly. We appeared to be surrounded by berries, lots, and blackberries too, cool. 
To cross the border we had to cross the Andes. Dirt roads crossing mountains usualy have very nice sceneries.  
Very narrow roads with many uphill, downhill and curves, what else to ask for? Lakes and rivers? They were also there! 
Border to exit Chile, just a small cabin, the Argentinian borber is about 40km ahead. I think the border was called Liquine.

John and I had a blast ridding tru the bushes. 100km/h tru narrow corners and shitty wood bridges was everything but safe, but it was fun, we made videos that eventually will post online.

One of the coolest dirtroad I´ve taken so far. 

We took an hostel in San Martin de los Andes, a bit north of Bariloche. 
The next morning; rain. We decided to go anyway when the rain stop for a while.
We want to do the 7 lakes trail from San Marin to Bariloche, mostly dirt road.

Here´s San Carlos de Bariloche. 
John and I had a meal, I also had a Duff beer, oh yeah!
He wanted to meet another rider here then keep doing dirt roads along the routa 40 in Argentina, I wanted to go to the Carretera Austral in Chile, so I decided to go my way and keep driving further south since the day was still early.  
It was the last time I saw John, coming up; the Carretera Austral in Chile, also an awesome dirtroad!

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