Monday, December 20, 2010


December 11th,

I was at Chichen Itza this morning, and tonight I'm in Cancun.
On my way I stop at Valladolid and got ask by a whole bunch of women to have my picture taken. I don't mind they were nice.

and this one, Fatima, also asked for a picture. She was living there with her family and was also very shy.
Then I arrived in Cancun at China's appartment. She's a friend I met in Mexico City, also friend of Dan.
We've covered the bike then headed to "Pescaditos".

China's used to work there and the owner, Nachito, is a good friend of her.

It's on Yaxchilan street if I remember correctly, where all the bars ans restaurants are. You absolutely need to stop there next time you go to Cancun. The restaurent doesn't look like much from the outside, but the food is amazing.  

 Me, China and Nacho, the owner.
 He was very proud of the food from his restaurent, and I can understand why, it's the best seafood I've ever had. Nacho is also a great guy, I think he was impressed by my trip, he paid for the beer and food we had that nigh and invited us to his house, just across the street. He told us he doesn't have a microwave in his restaurent's kitchen, nor a can opener, nor a freezer. Everything is fresh, no cans, nothing frozen.

Then we go visit another friend; Juan, he lives a few blocks away.
I was amazed by his cds collection, we listen the same music. About 70% of his cds are the same as mine I could not beleive it. 
Juan is a great guy, he offer me to stay there if I needed since he's got a spare room on the roof and a secure yard for my motorcycle. He's also taking care of 3 dogs, his handicap brother and his sick mother. She need all her blood to be filtered 4 times a day due to kindney falilure.  And he's starting a homemade bread business to provide for his family. I accepted his offer to stay at his place, but for the following night as my bike and my stuff is at China's and I'm too drunk to bring the bike back. Instead, Erick, another friend, bring us back to her appartment. Yes China's got lots of very good friends, I wish I had that in when I was in Calgary.

A bad iphone picture of Erick and me.

The next day, Dec 12th, we took the bus to the beach. You cannot go the Cancun and not go to the beach! 
 The beach was great.
Lots of nice things laying on the sand.
I'm talking of nice shells of cource. Everywhere. I collected a handful, to make a necklace or earrings for someone special. 
 The water was warm, but not as much as Acapulco. The sand had some debris in it, from the last hurricane a few years ago, but I really appreciated not having a gazillion persons trying to sell you stuff.

And they had a series of bed on the beach just like that, I wonder what for. Just kidding.
 Then China's uncle picked us up and invited us to Pescaditos, of course.
Dec 13th, we go to look at some used bikes for Juan's business, and buy supply I needed, 12 volts tire pump, tarp, tires patches and stuff like that. No much going on as I left the next day to Belize. Juan made me breakfast before I go.

Cancun was great even though I did not go to the bar dancing and partying like crazy, but I met lots of new friends I will want to keep in touch, thanks to China for that!  I'm sure I had a different experience of Cancun than most people.

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