Monday, May 9, 2011

Torres del Paine

March 27th 2011
From El Calafate (previous post) to Puerto Natales, which is in Chile. The border was quick and painless, like it should be. Puerto Natales is very close to the National Park Torres del Paine.

Found a nice hostel and got some very good Chilean beers. 
The hostel also organize many hikes and do tours in the park, so they were very knowledgeable about it. I decided to do a one day loop across the park and skip the hiking. It's about 250km total, mostly gravel road, in good condition.  

I found it to be very similar to western Canada; blue lakes and mouintains.  

Many llamas everywhere, same as the rest of Patagonia. 

Also some big bird that doesn't fly, in Patagonia when they see you they ran away like their life where in danger. They can't jump a 2 feet high fence and will try to get across anyhow... Here in Torres del Paine they seem used to human life, so you can get closer for a picture. 
The next day, I left to get closer to Ushuaia, coming up!

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